Our eye doctor team prides themselves in providing a thorough eye exam and focused care for each patient.   We work to take care for our patients’ overall eye health, not just their prescriptions. We provide a variety of vision center services, including eye exams, prescriptions for glasses and contacts, frames and sunglasses.

Eye Exam

During each exam, an eye doctor will examine different aspects of your vision, including visual acuity, color vision, depth perception, ocular motility, pupil function, intraocular pressure, and external and internal eye health. Dilation and Retinal photographs are recommended for all new patients and every two years thereafter. Our eye doctor team also treats eye infections, allergies, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, and provides preventative care for macular degeneration.

Prescription for Glasses and Contacts

Glasses and contact lenses options are always evolving, as is your vision. That’s why our eye doctor team takes the time to fit each patient with the best possible corrective vision care. We also pride ourselves on being able to fit difficult prescriptions on patients with various eye conditions.

Buy Frames, Sunglasses, and Contact Lenses

In addition to eye health and prescription services, we offer a variety of frames, sunglasses, and contact lenses available to purchase at our vision center. Stop by today to see our selection!

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