New Prescription Glasses & Eyewear

Overland Park Eye Center can prescribe and craft new prescription glasses and eyewear for children and adults alike. If you’re struggling to see clearly, straining your eyes to read, or simply experiencing blurry or unclear vision, our on-site eye care lab can create the perfect pair of prescription glasses to enhance your sight and correct errors in your vision.

Next Day Glasses Pick-Up

Customer service is one of our top priorities at Overland Park Eye Center, so we understand the importance of fast turnaround times. Orders for new prescription glasses and eyewear are typically completed by the next afternoon, and can be picked up at your convenience.

Aside from prescription glasses, Overland Park Eye Center also provides numerous other corrective lenses such as contact lenses and prescription sunglasses. Whichever way you prefer to sharpen your vision, our optometrists can help.

Contact Overland Park Eye Center by calling (913) 345-2020 in the Kansas City area. An eye doctor at our optometry practice will be happy to schedule an eye appointment for you.