New Prescription Glasses & Eyewear

Is your vision blurry or fuzzy? Are you having a hard time driving or watching the big game on tv? Or can you see objects far away just fine but reading is becoming more difficult?

You are not alone. Approximately 75% of Americans require the assistance of corrective lenses in some capacity. If you are struggling to see clearly, straining your eyes to read, experiencing blurry or unclear vision, or other issues with your vision, one of our skilled doctors will determine your correct eyeglass prescription.

From grandpa’s bifocals to a child’s first pair of glasses, we can craft prescription eyeglasses for the whole family. Overland Park Eye Center can create the perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses in Overland Park to enhance your sight and correct errors in your vision.

Prescription Glasses for Children

Overland Park Eye Center has prescription glasses for the entire family. An annual eye exam is important for eye health, especially for children. Children’s vision can change so much during their elementary school years and it is crucial for their eyesight that their vision stays up to date. Overland Park Eye Center provides eye exams for school-age children and a selection of frames and corrective eyewear for children.

More Than Glasses

Wearing glasses can be a pain, even if it is just reading glasses. Whether you are constantly cleaning or misplacing them and running around the house blind, while you try to find them. Your days of looking for your glasses have come to an end. Aside from prescription glasses, Overland Park Eye Center also provides contact lenses and prescription sunglasses. Our optometrists can help you determine the right option for your vision and the health of your eyes.

See Clearly With Overland Park Eye Center

If you need prescription eyeglasses in Overland Park or the greater Kansas City Area, schedule an eye appointment with Overland Park Eye Center. Our optometrists are experienced and ready to help you see clearly. For more information about our prescription eyeglasses, call us at (913) 345-2020.