Optometrists and On-site eye care lab

Overland Park Optometrist On-Site Eye Care Lab

Wearing new glasses makes the world appear sharper, clearer and brighter. You no longer have to strain to see the television or struggle to read that tiny print on a phone or computer. An optometrist at Overland Park Eye Center can make this transformation happen.

Each optometrist at Overland Park Eye Center knows that their clients are eager to get new and effective glasses quickly. As a convenience to our customers, we offer a fully functional on-site eye care lab for a fast turnaround time. Some orders are completed as quickly as the next afternoon. With the help from a knowledgeable optometrist and their accompanying staff, our clients are sure to get the perfect lenses to improve eyesight and ensure confidence that they are seeing as clearly as possible.

Our on-site eye care lab is unique — Let an optometrist at Overland Park Eye Center prepare your lenses quickly.

* Some orders subject to insurance provider requirements.