Trusted Optometrist Services in Overland Park

Each eye doctor on our Overland Park optometry team is dedicated to providing top quality eye care to residents in Kansas and Missouri. Trust Overland Park Eye Center for the best eye health services in the Midwest.

Comprehensive Vision Care & Eye Health Examinations

Each optometrist on our staff takes pride in providing thorough eye exams and care focused on your overall eye health, not just your prescription. During each exam, an optometrist will examine various aspects of your vision. Some of these aspects include visual acuity, color vision, depth perception, ocular motility, pupil function, intraocular pressure, and external and internal eye health. Dilation and Retinal photographs are recommended for all first time patients and every two years thereafter. Our optometrist team at Overland Park Eye Center recommends that children have their first routine eye exam around 3 years old, while school-aged children and adults should be evaluated yearly.

Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses options are always evolving and our optometrist team takes the time to fit you in the best possible lens for your vision care needs. At Overland Park Eye Center, our eye doctors fit spherical lenses, lenses for astigmatism (toric), Monovision, multifocal (progressive), dailies, colored lenses, and rigid gas permeable (hard contacts). Because we maintain extensive trial stock in our office you will most likely be able to wear your new prescription home the same day. We pride ourselves on being able to fit difficult prescriptions on hard to fit patients.

Medical treatment of Eye Conditions

Once you have an eye exam, our optometrist team can diagnose and treat many medical conditions including eye infections, allergies, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, and preventative care for macular degeneration. We offer the latest treatments and detective methods so you will be comfortable knowing you are getting the best vision care possible.

Lasik Consultation with our Optometrist

Lasik technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and we are committed to helping are patients understand their options and select the procedure that is best suited to their particular needs. Because our doctors maintain several certificates in Lasik education and stay current on the latest technology we are able to offer Lasik consultations to help determine with an eye exam if you are a good candidate for surgery. As an added comfort, our patients are able to rely on us for all of their pre- and post-operative vision care needs. If you are considering Lasik, call our dedicated staff to schedule a consultation with one of one of our knowledgeable doctors.

Optical Gallery

At Overland Park Eye Center, our optometrist and optical staff understands that glasses are no longer just a necessity, but a statement! We take great care in offering our patients a wide array of styles and materials by the latest designers. We carry lines from Coach, Prada, Nike, Ted Baker, Maui Jim, Oakley, and Gucci, just to name a few. With over 1,000 frames to choose, from there is something for everyone.

On-Site Lab

Our Overland Park eye doctors know our patients are eager to get their new glasses fast, so we offer a fully functional on-site lab in our office. Some orders can be completed as quickly as the next afternoon. With our knowledgeable optical staff you are sure to get the perfect lenses to meet your vision care needs.

Start Your Healthy Vision Care With Us

If you ready to see one of our trusted optometrist and begin your vision care, give Overland Park Eye Center a call at (913) 345-2020 today or Contact Us online to get your eye exam scheduled in Overland Park and Kansas City area.

Some orders subject to insurance provider requirements.

Comprehensive Exams do not include Contact Lens Fitting.