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We are a well-established Optometry practice and optical gallery in the Overland Park community. Each passionate optometrist, eye doctor, and assisting staff member at our all-inclusive vision care center works to provide patients with excellent, individualized care. We offer full-service eye exams, contact lens fitting, patient education, medical diagnosis and results-driven treatment to correct blurry vision or other concerns, such as tunnel vision or astigmatism. We have an extensive selection of fashion frames and lenses, and contact lens options for patients. We are proud to be one of the most comprehensive vision care centers in the Kansas City area. When it comes time to get vision care and a new pair of glasses, it shouldn’t be an either-or situation. When you partner with an optometrist at our office, we can expertly handle all aspects of your vision concerns, from initial consultation to prescription glasses.

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Let an experienced eye doctor or optometrist provide you with the professional medical help you deserve and count on to maintain healthy vision.  Most people will require help with their eyesight at some stage in their lives. The quality of your eye health and sight has a huge impact on your quality of life. Ignoring eye care can mean blurry vision, headaches, wrinkles, blindness and other major health concerns. That’s why you’ll benefit both in the short term and in the years to come by entrusting your advanced eye care to our expert team.  Contact an optometrist today to schedule your appointment. Our team comprises the optometrists and eye doctors Overland Park trusts.

If you live in the Kansas City area, contact our Overland Park-based eye center at (913) 345-2020. An optometrist at our office will be happy to schedule an eye appointment with you.