Your Eye Exam

An eye exam at the Overland Park Eye Center, is more than just an eye doctor  telling you to read some letters from a chart. We are committed to giving the most advanced care in the Kansas City area with a thorough eye exam. Our doctors are experienced and knowledgeable and understand how to perform a detailed and careful eye exam; they are passionate about helping their patients see clearly. Call or come in today to see the difference at our vision center.

The Difference at Our Vision Center

When taking an eye exam at our vision center, an experienced eye doctor will determine whether or not you need prescription glasses or a prescription for contact lenses. If so, we will guide you through the selection process and even teach you how to correctly insert and remove contacts. A vision test can also be factored into other aspects of your health, which is why it is important not to neglect vision care. Ignoring eye care  can mean blurry vision, headaches, and even wrinkles over time. By having a regular eye exam once a year, you can stay ahead of your health and feel assured that your eyes are working like they should.

Prescription Glasses

If after performing a vision test an eye doctor from our vision center decides that you need prescription glasses, we are happy to help guide you through our wide range of prescription glasses so you can find the perfect fit.

Prescription for Contact Lenses

After an eye doctor performs a thorough eye exam, you may have the option of getting a prescription for contact lenses. Some patients prefer the look of contact lenses over glasses, or find them a better option for their lifestyle. If that is the case, we can provide you with an accurate prescription so that you’ll have the level of vision you need.

Leaving your vision health to just anyone is not a smart choice to make.  For an eye exam from an experienced and compassionate eye doctor, contact us today at (913) 345-2020. We’ll provide you with the prescription glasses or prescription for contact lenses that work best for you.

Proudly serving Overland Park and Kansas City.