Children’s Vision and Eye Care

Pediatric eye care aids in healthy vision development for your child. A baby’s vision has stages of development, but unlike the brain or body it is difficult for parents to mark their progress without visiting a pediatric eye doctor.

Unhealthy vision can lead to delays in development. In order to be sure that your child’s vision is developing as it should, we urge you to consider bringing your baby in for a pediatric eye exam with a children’s optometrist at Overland Park Eye Center.

The First Visit to The Pediatric Optometrist

The American Optometric Association encourages parents to include a trip to a pediatric eye doctor in the list of well-baby check-ups. Pediatric eye care can be essential to early development and vision health. Assessments by an optometrist at six to twelve months of age help to determine healthy development of vision in babies.

Eye conditions can be detected early if routine pediatric eye care is included in your check-up schedule. Some of the signs of potential eye conditions that parents can look for at home are if your baby’s eyes do not move normally, one moves but the other does not, or your baby has an unusual spot in their eyes in photos, like a white or milky spot. If you notice anything unusual be sure to let your children’s optometrist know at your pediatric eye care appointment. A pediatric optometrist will help to ensure that your child is development is progressing. 

Visit a Pediatric Optometrist at Overland Park Eye Center

At our office, you will meet with an experienced pediatric eye doctor who understands how to determine the progress of development in babies’ and children’s eyes. Our pediatric eye doctors will treat your child with patience and kindness, while gathering the information they need to assess your child’s vision health.

After meeting with a pediatric eye doctor, you can rest assured that your child’s vision health is in good hands. Contact Overland Park Eye Center to learn more about our pediatric eye care services or to schedule a pediatric eye care exam.