Styles of Contact Lenses

  • Soft contact lenses (also known as hydrogel or hydrophilic lenses) – These lenses are very flexible and are often the most comfortable lens to be worn initially. While very safe to use, these lenses are often disposable to decrease risks of complications, such as infection.
  • Rigid gas permeable contacts –  These lenses are stiffer and require an adaptation period for best comfort. For some prescriptions, these lenses offer crisper vision and excellent oxygen permeability.
  • Daily Disposable – New lenses that are worn during the day and are disposed of each night. This is the healthiest mode of contact lens wear. These contact lenses are ideal for those people with Dry Eyes or those whom are unable to tolerate contact lenses throughout the entire day.
  • Daily wear contact lenses –  These are worn during the day and are removed at night for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Extended wear contact lenses –  These can be worn for prolonged periods of time or while sleeping. Typically, prolonged wear of contacts or sleeping in contacts reduces the amount of oxygen and tears that reach the cornea. This can result in eye infections, swelling, and abnormal vessel growth.
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Premier Contact Lenses

At Overland Park Eye Center, we are dedicated to helping members of the greater Kansas City community see more clearly. We offer an array of over-the-counter and prescription options to meet your vision requirements. Our experienced optometrists can help you find the best lens options for comfort and clarity, including daily disposable lenses and prescription contact lenses. Even if you don’t see the contact lenses brand you prefer, it is likely that we carry it. Schedule an eye exam today and we can determine the best option for you. View our popular contact brands below. If you don’t see the contact lens brand that you prefer, please let us know.

Are Contact Lenses the Right Choice for Me?

Whether you choose contact lenses or eyeglasses is completely up to you! Deciding factors may include comfort, convenience, lifestyle and budget. Some advantages of contact lenses are:

  • They don’t interfere when working out or playing sports.
  • They typically aren’t affected by weather conditions and won’t fog up in cold weather like glasses.
  • Contacts conform to the curvature of your eye, providing a wider field of view than glasses.
  • They go with any outfit you are wearing!
  • Most brands of contacts can easily be altered if your prescription changes.

Schedule an Appointment for a Contacts Eye Exam

If you live in the Kansas City or Overland Park areas, our skilled and passionate professionals are here to find the right kind of contacts for your eye care needs.  We’ll start the process with an eye exam to find the best fit and prescription for your eyes.  We’ll even walk through how to properly care for your contacts, including tips on how to insert, remove, clean, and store them. We care about your vision.

To see if prescription contact lenses are right for you, contact Overland Park Eye Center at (913) 345-2020 and schedule your contacts eye exam today!

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