Children’s Vision and Eye Care

Overland Park Eye Center is a family optometrist that offers thorough examinations for youth that are pre-school age and older (i.e. 3 years old and up). Our vision screenings help ensure and support healthy vision as your child grows and develops.

Youth Eye Exams – Frequency & Process

Don’t let poor vision go undetected and impede the healthy development of your child. Appropriate vision testing for preschool age children and older supports successful school performance and academic achievement. Impaired vision can cause youth to become frustrated and lead to otherwise preventable life challenges.

Children should have eye exams at least every two years if no vision correction is required. Kids needing eyeglasses or correction should be examined annually or as recommended by an optometrist. What occurs at the eye exam appointment for your child is dependent on their age and conditions, but at Overland Park Eye Center you can expect your child’s exam to include a case history, overall eye health evaluation, vision testing, and determination if correction is needed.

Early detection of eye conditions and analysis of eye health is the best way to make certain that kids have healthy vision. Let our optometrist and detailed vision screenings safeguard your child’s vision and promote ongoing eye health.

Visit an Optometrist at Overland Park Eye Center

Our experienced eye doctors will assess and evaluate the progress of the development of your child’s vision. Contact Overland Park Eye Center to learn more about our family eye care services.