Spring Into a New Look!

As the summer approaches, many of us want to think about turning over a new leaf. But what about treating yourself to a new look? One of the best ways to update your look is to treat yourself to new glasses frames. The wrong glasses frames can drag down your face, aging you and making you look old fashioned. The right glasses frames can flatter the shape of your face and make your look more modern. They can slim down a round face or soften the angles of a prominent jaw line. Or consider ditching glasses altogether and trying contact lenses. Summer is also a great time to help a family member update their look with new glasses frames or contact lenses. Call us today to make an eye exam appointment or walk-in and take a look at the glasses we have to offer.  We are conveniently located in Overland Park, Kansas, on the North West Corner of 119th and Metcalf in the Rosana Square Shopping Center.  Call today at 913-535-4705.

Snowmageddon 2013!!!

Well, we hate to perpetuate such a lame catch phrase but it’s been a snowy couple of days around here.   Seeing as Mr. Lezak and Mr. Busby seem to think we will be hit again tonight we are planning to be closed tomorrow, February 26th. Weather permitting, we will plan to re-open at 1pm on Wednesday, February 27th.  We will have limited access to patient scheduling and records but feel free to contact us via email at with any questions or concerns.  If you need to schedule or reschedule an appointment please contact us on Wednesday when we are back in the office.  In the mean time we would love for you to share your snow day pics on our Facebook page.

Happy Shoveling!

OPEC Staff

Blinded By The Light – The Importance of UV Protection

We’ve all had Manfred Mann’s 1976 mega hit stuck in our heads at one time or another (you’re welcome for that!), but Anderson Cooper recently opened up about learning the importance of UV light protection the hard way.  While on a 60 Minutes assignment in Portugal, Cooper sustained retinal burns from not wearing UV protection while on the water.  Even though he is fine now, Cooper was temporarily blinded for 36 hours.

The medical name for what he experienced is photokeratitis, and  it is like a “sunburn of the eye”.  Photokeratitis may be painful and include symptoms such as red eyes, a foreign body sensation or gritty feeling in the eyes, extreme sensitivity to light and excessive tearing. Fortunately, this is usually temporary and rarely causes permanent damage to the eyes. While Cooper’s injury was short lived, it is important to avoid long term damage from UV exposure that may result in early cataracts or macular degeneration.  Regardless if you are young or old, wear glasses, contacts, or nothing at all, the best way to protect your retinas is by wearing sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection.  UV radiation doesn’t discriminate,  so be sure to wear protection even on overcast days.

The good news is that sunglasses are not only a fashion statement, but are functional and practical for protecting your eyes.  Need something for baseball or cycling? Come by our eye center and check out our vast Oakley collection.  Are Vogue and In Style magazines more up your alley?  If so, the Overland Park Eye Center carries designers like Gucci, Prada, Coach, and Tory Burch.  Classic or Retro more your vibe?  Then Ray-Ban is your answer.  Spring is just around the corner, so let us help you avoid UV damage in style.

For stylish protection from the sun, visit the Overland Park Eye Center or call (913) 345-2020.

Vision Center Services at Overland Park Eye Center

Our eye doctor team prides themselves in providing a thorough eye exam and focused care for each patient.   We work to take care for our patients’ overall eye health, not just their prescriptions. We provide a variety of vision center services, including eye exams, prescriptions for glasses and contacts, frames and sunglasses.

Eye Exam

During each exam, an eye doctor will examine different aspects of your vision, including visual acuity, color vision, depth perception, ocular motility, pupil function, intraocular pressure, and external and internal eye health. Dilation and Retinal photographs are recommended for all new patients and every two years thereafter. Our eye doctor team also treats eye infections, allergies, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, and provides preventative care for macular degeneration.

Prescription for Glasses and Contacts

Glasses and contact lenses options are always evolving, as is your vision. That’s why our eye doctor team takes the time to fit each patient with the best possible corrective vision care. We also pride ourselves on being able to fit difficult prescriptions on patients with various eye conditions.

Buy Frames, Sunglasses, and Contact Lenses

In addition to eye health and prescription services, we offer a variety of frames, sunglasses, and contact lenses available to purchase at our vision center. Stop by today to see our selection!

Call Overland Park Eye Center today at (913) 345-2020 or come by our vision center to learn more about our services.



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